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Our Values


We believe that whether you are dining solo or sharing a meal, eating is an experience that should be a celebration and a time of reflection. Food should be both exciting and nourishing, delighting your taste buds and good for you, in body, mind and soul… 


While trying to provide a balance for our discerning clientele, with regards to affordability, we will always choose the highest quality products, preferring premium quality over mass produced ‘cost savers’, this is seen from our use of the world’s best Belgium chocolate to our home grown organic tomatoes…

In an age where almost every food item is available packaged and ‘enhanced,’ we will always attempt to avoid pre-packaged, processed, preservative and chemical rich foods as much as possible, preferring to make things from scratch. You’ll taste this difference in our food, from our confit garlic free range aioli, to our organic pasta sauces and old fashioned handmade ice creams…


We feel strongly about the environment at Sauce… Ever aware of the amount of packaging we all consume, we offer environmentally friendly or reusable packaging options and can supply compostable plates and cutlery for picnic, canape and buffet dining. While we know there is still more work to be done in this area, we are striving to bring you the best options available. We compost all our food waste and recycle all our packaging waste and encourage our clients to do the same

We are so pleased to have 'discovered" Sauce Catering. The food is delicious, of high quality and great value. Sauce Catering will remain our Caterer of choice.

Heather Hawkes

Oh where do I start! Everything was so amazing!!! It was well above my expectations and everyone loved it! Our guests all wanted the leftovers and we were left without any food! The delivery and pick up service was prompt, friendly and super quick!

Alisa and Nicholas Hathaway, Gourmet BBQ